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Removing Friction From the Payments Flow
Deploying Local Bank Transfers as a Competitive Advantage


In this third installment in an ongoing series, we’re going to take a look at how Local Bank Transfers can be an ally in your quest to remove friction from your payouts experience and stay on top in an increasingly crowded field of competitors.

We’ll challenge you to see payouts through a recipient’s point of view, and ask, are you ready to stop paying your recipients on your terms and start paying them on their own terms?

We'll also share what you should expect your payouts provider to know when it comes to vitally important behind-the-scenes functions including compliance, risk, foreign exchange, and transparency and pricing. Get ready to gain a competitive edge with Local Bank Transfers!


  • Balancing Your Payments and Payouts Options
  • Transforming Your Payouts into a Competitive Advantage
  • Building a Competitive Payouts Offering Around Local Bank Transfers
  • Identifying and Solving Common Payments Problems
  • Prioritizing the Recipient Experience

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