Mass Pay API

A Full-Stack Global Payouts API for Businesses

mass pay api

Built to reduce inefficiencies and disintermediation plaguing most global payout services, Transpay’s Mass Pay API uses an end-to-end single-point API connection to enable Straight Through Processing (STP)

Powered by RESTful technology, Transpay’s Mass Pay API enables businesses to send unlimited mass payouts across Transpay’s global proprietary network with one seamless integration. Through Transpay's global proprietary network, funds are processed directly from business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-persons (B2P), without crossing any intermediary or correspondent bank networks. 

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Product Features

Transpay's Mass Pay API integrates directly to various back-end environments with full reporting and country requirement features.

Straight-Through Processing
Complete end-to-end processing for all international payouts.
Easy Integration
An embedded user experience with minimal entry requirements.
Vast Global Network
Direct access to Transpay's global proprietary network.
100% Scalable
Fully scalable with custom requirements and other features.

Core Benefits

  • Direct Local Funding: Transpay's local currency payout fulfillment services enables businesses to save up to 70% in fees compared to traditional wire transfers.

  • Easy Access To Emerging Markets: Transpay's independent payout network enables local currency funds to be disbursed to difficult settlement markets.

  • Faster Payouts: Funds transfers typically arrive within a few hours, and recipients are notified by text the moment funds land in their local bank account.


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