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Tips for Simplifying Payouts to Sellers, Freelancers, Publishers and Partners Worldwide


If global payouts were like air travel, wouldn't you prefer a direct flight to your destination?

Why Send Cross-Border Payouts Through a Direct Payout Network

Learn the many advantages of going direct when sending cross-border payouts, and why your payout efficiency is only as good as your payout specialist's Payout Network. Read More»

Sorry we can't partner with you guys. There's just no room for surprise fees in our business.

Do You Know the Real Cost of Your Cross-Border Payouts?

Learn how to avoid hidden fees by knowing what happens behind-the-scenes when sending cross-border payouts, including typical fees senders and recipients incur, and some great tips for handling the pricing discussion with your global payout specialist. Read More»

The golden rule of global payouts: Treat your recipients like gold.

Don't Let Payment Dissatisfaction Drive Your Recipients Away

Gain a competitive edge by understanding how your payout recipients contribute to your business success, and how solving their most common payout pain points can help you win their loyalty and increase your profits. Read More»

About Transpay

Local Bank Transfers to Over 95% of Bank Accounts Worldwide

Transpay is a global payments service that provides businesses of all sizes with a scalable, secure, and fully compliant cross-border mass payout solution, making it easy to send funds directly to the local bank accounts of vendors, business partners, freelancers or others, reaching over 95% of bank accounts worldwide.

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