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  API Access Web Access
Transaction Volume At least 1 million USD/year  Less than 1 million USD/year 
Origination Countries 40+ United States
Destination Countries 140+ 80+
Funding Methods Prefunded by wire or ACH ACH debit from your business bank account 
Payout Methods Local bank transfer, cash payout*, mobile wallet* Local bank transfer
Payout Details Provided by sender Provided by recipient
Implementation Time 2-4 weeks Instant
Implementation Process Via integration manager Secure website
Technology RESTful API Self-service online
Pricing Custom per client Fee based on destination and transaction size
Web Access: Fees & Rates »
Foreign Exchange (FX) Rates Available via API call Available on website
Web Access: Fees & Rates »

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Choose API or Web Access
Step 1 - Choose API or Web Access

Choose API or Web Access

API Access: You’ll work with a dedicated integration specialist from our team to customize our flexible and powerful REST API and ensure its scalability as you grow. Specialized training is also available for this 2- to 4-week process.

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Web Access: Sign up for an account online. Then provide basic information about your business, authorize ACH debits from your U.S. bank account, and initiate payouts with just your recipient’s email address.

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Transpay Manages Payouts

Transpay manages all transactions from start to end. Simplify your global payouts by leveraging our more than 8 billion USD in purchasing power, and in-house expertise in Treasury and Compliance.

Step 2 - Transpay Manages Payouts
Compliance and FX Engine
Recipients Get Paid
Step 3 - Recipients Get Paid

Recipients Get Paid

Pay your recipients the way they want to get paid — quickly and directly, in local currency, sent straight to their bank account or available for cash pickup.

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