Navigating Vacation Rental Payouts

An Exclusive White Paper From Transpay

While the “sky’s the limit” for the vacation sharing economy, when it comes to payment strategy, many vacation rental booking sites are limited in scope, focusing on pricing and payment acceptance options to attract and keep travelers. There is however another critical, but often ignored, component to the Travel Payment Ecosystem: host payments, otherwise known as “host payouts.”

Redefining "Host Payouts" for the Vacation Rental Market

Download a copy of Transpay's exclusive white paper, From Traveler to Homeowner: Navigating Vacation Rental Payouts, which provides a detailed overview of the vacation rental payment ecosystem, providing insights into: 

vacation rental sharing payments ecosystem
  • Flow of Payout Funds: Whether booking directly from a homeowner or through a third-party agency, how do host payouts reach their destination?

  • Top Payment Challenges: From fees, to delivery speed and fraud, international payouts are riddled with challenges and inefficiences.

  • Pros and Cons: Mapping the most widely used payout methods and uncovering the hidden fees

For more information about the white paper, read our blog article.


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