The Easiest Way to Send Global Payouts from the US

Send direct payouts from your US bank account to freelancers, vendors, and affiliates worldwide


Payouts Made Simple

Direct Transfers
Process bank-to-bank payouts using just a recipient's email.
Global Network
Pay recipients in 30+ countries and 60+ currencies in all major and emerging markets.
More Savings
Reduce fees by up to 90% with direct to bank account payouts.

How It Works

Pay Recipients in Three Easy Steps
Select Your Recipients

Pay one or multiple recipients.

Add Send Amounts

Enter the send amount (in USD) for each recipient.

Review and Send

See the exact amount that will be sent in USD and in recipients' local currencies.

Global Coverage


Send payouts from the US to the following countries:


 Top Market
Country  Currency 
bangladesh@2x.png Bangladesh  BDT
usa@2x.png United States  USD
philippines@2x.png Philippines  PHP
kenya@2x.png  Kenya KES
mexico@2x.png Mexico MXN
russia@2x.png Russia RUB
colombia@2x.png Colombia COP
indonesia@2x.png Indonesia IDR/USD
brazil@2x.png Brazil BRL
india@2x.png India INR
$7+ Billion 
transferred annually
12+ Million 
customers served
30 Years
in business


Pay By Email

Add recipients using just their name and email

Secure & Compliant

We review all transactions to ensure compliance with AML, CTF and KYC regulations

24/7/365 Support

Reach us by phone or email with any questions.

Transaction Tracking

You and your recipients can track payment statuses to know when funds will arrive.

Dynamic FX Calculator

See the exact amount your recipients will receive in their local currencies.


Your recipients enter their own bank details.

Bank-to-Bank Transfers

Pay recipients directly from your business account (no pre-funding requirements).

Local Bank Payouts

Save time and money by paying your recipients in their local currencies.

Easy for Your Business, Easy for Your Recipient

Start simplifying your payouts to freelancers, vendors, affiliates, and more worldwide.