What is Transpay?

Transpay is a service provided by Transfast, which became part of the Mastercard family in July 2019, joining one of the most widely recognized and respected technology companies in the world. The Transpay Service processes global cross-border payments and reaches over 140 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, Americas and Australia.

What does Transpay do?

Transpay provides businesses with a scalable and secure cross-border mass payout service, making it easy to send funds to vendors, business partners, freelancers and others in over 140 countries.

Why Transpay?

We’ve built a global payment partner network consisting of direct integrations with hundreds of banks and financial institutions across more than 140 countries, enabling us to securely, quickly and efficiently make cross-border payments to billions of consumer and business bank accounts.

Does Transpay send funds domestically?

Yes, but our primary focus is on moving funds internationally. Transpay offers direct payout integrations across 140+ countries, including hard-to-reach markets.

Does Transpay do payment acceptance?

No, Transpay specializes in sending funds to your recipients worldwide, either direct to bank account, to a mobile wallet, or for cash payout.

Does Transpay do person-to-person payments?

No, Transpay is designed for use by businesses. Transpay is a cross-border payments service for businesses looking to send payouts to their freelancers, marketplace sellers and global business partners.

How It Works

What do you mean when you refer to Transpay's direct payout network?

Our carefully curated payment network consists of hundreds of direct integrations with banks, financial institutions, retailers and other payout partners worldwide.

How can my company connect to Transpay’s network?

A single, secure connection to the Transpay service allows you to reach the world, with integration and platform interfaces that can be customized to your needs. Transpay offers three different integration and platform interfaces – Send API, Companion Website and Batch Send. 

What countries does Transpay’s network reach?

We currently support over 140 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa, reaching over 90% of bank accounts in these countries and in addition having over 250,000 cash payout locations at leading retailers and financial institutions. For more details on our payment network, Contact Sales.

What kind of payout options does Transpay offer?

Our network is versatile. Aside from our expertise in sending bank deposits, we also give you the option to have funds delivered to a mobile wallet or made available for cash payout.

How does Send API work?

Our Send API integration method is a set of REST APIs to explore and create real-time payment instructions.

This integration gives you the most flexibility and allows you to customize your users’ experience.

Integration typically takes anywhere from 2-3 months. Your dedicated integration manager assists you every step along the way to launching in production.

Commonly used Send API resources include but is not limited to:

  • Live FX rates
  • Payout cost calculator
  • Payout status tracker
  • Create payment
  • Request payment cancellation

For a full documentation on integrating via Send API, Contact Sales.

How does Companion Website work?

Whether you choose to integrate via Send API or Batch Send, you can utilize our Companion Website, an additional tool for running detailed reports and analysis to help you stay on top of your cross-border payouts.

Our Companion Website complements the integration, giving you 24/7 access to:

  • Create one-off payments
  • Review status of payments
  • View executive dashboard with the ability to drill down and export reports
  • Access detailed reports for reconciliation
  • Ad hoc payment research and analysis

To get a preview of the Companion Website and its features, Contact Sales.

How does Batch Send work?

Our Batch Send integration option is a great alternative for companies who may not have the bandwidth or developer resources to integrate via Send API.

With Batch Send, you can quickly integrate and create mass payouts. Using our standard template, simply upload a CSV file via our secure FTP account.

We process your payouts in batches every five minutes, handle error checking and remove duplicate entries.

A response file for each uploaded file provides feedback on the requested payouts. Daily report file with changes to the status of a payment is also provided. Real-time updates are available via the Companion Site and Webhooks.

For more information on how to get started with Batch Send, Contact Sales.

What types of businesses can use Transpay?

The Transpay mass cross-border payment service is best suited for companies doing at least 1 million USD in annual cross-border payment volumes. We serve various industries, including freelance marketplaces, e-commerce marketplaces, travel and transportation marketplaces, advertising and affiliate networks, money transfer businesses, and other growing businesses.

What types of businesses is Transpay not allowed to do business with?

The following shows a list of business types that Transpay is prohibited from entering into a formal relationship with: 

  • Adult Sex Industry 
  • Gambling 
  • Legal Marijuana Industry 
  • Tobacco 
  • Shell Banks 
  • Weapons and ammunition Retailers 
  • Online Dating 
  • Payday Lenders 
  • Trade or transfer of Crypto currencies
  • Trade of Precious metals and stones
  • On‐line gaming
What is the cost?

Transaction fees are based on payment volumes and destination countries. We offer competitive exchange rates which are shown in real-time, and rates are guaranteed at the time of transaction. To get a pricing quote for your business, Contact Sales.

How do I get started?
To learn more about various integration options and which one is right for your business, Contact Sales.