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Transpay Case Study

Leading Global Marketplace for Services



Did you know that adding Local Bank Transfers as another payout option for your recipients can lead to rapid adoption and reduced payout complaints? A leading global marketplace for services experienced just that when they added Local Bank Transfers.

Transpay's Local Bank Transfer option was chosen by recipients in increasing numbers.  The message from recipients to the marketplace was clear: They welcomed the option to have funds sent directly to their bank accounts in their local currency. 


  • 86.4% compound annual growth rate for Transpay's Local Bank Transfers from 2013-2017.
  • Reduced complaints from payout recipients as service levels improved.
  • Rapid adoption of Transpay's Local Bank Transfers across 35 countries, with Transpay handling 25% of total payouts for the marketplace in these 35 countries.


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Transpay Case Study: Leading Global Marketplace for Services

Case Study: 
Leading Global Marketplace for Services Sees Rapid Adoption of Transpay's Local Bank Transfers, Reducing Payout Complaints »