Exclusive White Paper: Navigating Vacation Rental Payouts

By Mike Carlo | November 7, 2016


Transpay Travel

2016 has been a fierce year for the vacation rental sharing market. From regulatory issues at Airbnb to HomeAway becoming a booking engine for professional properties, and even the launch of noise monitoring tech for hosts (bye bye wild parties), rental accommodations have stolen the travel spotlight.

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Outsourcing Versus Crowdsourcing: Who Wins The Battle?

By David Stern | August 24, 2015

Crowdsourcing. Outsourcing. They look alike, they sound alike -- so what’s the difference between the two?

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Hungry Like The Wolf: Freelancer's Appetite Grows For Smarter Payment

By David Stern | July 13, 2015


Transpay Blog

The sharing economy has put fire in the bellies of millions of nimble and driven global workers who are hungry for the freedom and opportunities it offers. On Monday, Hillary Clinton talked about the growing appetite of workers to pursue the gig economy, and what a good job will look like in the future.

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Why The Cloud And The Crowd Are More Than Buzzwords

By Transpay | March 30, 2015


Transpay Blog

The cloud and the crowd. Are they simply buzzwords? Sure, they seem like ones when they are causally thrown into a conversation, but a deeper thought brings about the realization that these two — a technological advancement and a new mindset — are proving to set the infrastructure for business and social development in this decade.

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