Infographic: The FinTech B2B Payments Universe

By LTP Team | June 8, 2017

B2B payments are known to be inefficient and expensive. There is an immense need for streamlining settlements and reconciliation of business commerce. At present, the major challenges are international B2B payments, working capital optimization, zero cash visibility and friction in buyer-supplier relations.

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PYMNTS: How P2P Gives B2B X-Border Merchants A (Revenue) Lift

By PYMNTs | June 8, 2017



By 2020, some 940 million cross-border shoppers are expected to spend $1 trillion on eCommerce, or online payment, transactions.

For marketplaces, this growth in cross-border trade means processing, accepting and making mass payments in multiple currencies, which comes with a host of complications, ranging from currency conversion to making high-cost wire transfers.

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To Fee or Not to Fee: Uncovering the Cost of Mass Payout Providers

By Christina Wu | November 29, 2016


Transpay Blog

In this global economy, many businesses have a network of contractors and freelancers dispersed around the world, and these workers need to be paid quickly, affordably and conveniently. Global payout providers offer cost-effective solutions for managing large numbers of cross-border payments, in multiple currencies to locations around the world. The trouble is that moving money across borders can be complicated—and costly. There are transaction fees to consider, as well as additional hidden foreign-exchange fees and more, depending on the payout method. Here are three questions you can ask to help uncover the costs behind mass payout providers.

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Democratizing International Funds Transfer For Credit Unions

By David Stern | October 19, 2016

While consumer confidence in traditional banks have waned, shares and deposits in federally insured credit unions grew past $1 trillion in the fourth quarter of 2015. For more than 100 years, credit unions have provided affordable financial services for US consumers, ranging from checking accounts to auto loans. However, one internalized service that a majority of credit unions still lack is the ability to send payments internationally in a cost-effective manner.

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Three Ways LSPs Can Improve Payments To Global Translators

By Matthew Castricone | June 15, 2016


GALA Global

Thanks to Language Service Providers (LSPs), the world is shrinking. LSPs help to improve the communication abilities of travel brands, governments, NGOs and news media, connecting businesses to far-off and untapped markets through localization services.

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Transpay Wins “Best E-Commerce Payment Solution” At 2016 Kalahari Awards

By Amanda Williams | February 9, 2016


Transpay Press


Transpay, a B2B/B2P cross-border payments platform, was awarded the “Best E-Commerce Payment Solution” by the Kalahari Awards, in a ceremony held in Lagos, Nigeria today.

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Transpay Preaches Iteration and Agile Design to Keep Pace with Customer Demands

By Bankless Times | December 17, 2015


Tony Zerucha

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – In today’s business climate a company has to be prepared to constantly iterate.

If you wait for a darn-out waterfall release of a product, the opportunity may be lost. While you are tinkering in the lab, your competition is out in the community grabbing your clients and adjusting on the fly.

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