Global Gig Series: Innovate with InnoCentive

By Matthew Castricone | July 20, 2016


Transpay Blog

In this fourth and final installment of our Global Gig Series, we look at a innovation platform that is helping to solve the world’s toughest challenges by crowdsourcing ideas from some of world’s top experts.

Crowdsourcing is not limited to freelance writers and creatives anymore. Companies across the science, engineering and technology sectors are going beyond their walls to source ideas, expertise and technology to accelerate innovation.

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Global Gig Series: Zooppa’s One-of-a-Kind Creative Platform

By Miko Manglapus | July 6, 2016


Transpay Blog

What do IBM, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Nike have in common? They’ve all generated successful media campaigns through Zooppa’s creative network. In this third installment of our Global Gig series, we look at this crowdsourcing platform for creatives and brands.

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Global Gig Series: Face-to-Face Freelancing with Ziptask

By Diego Szteinhendler | June 21, 2016


Transpay Blog

In this second installment of our Global Gig Series, we look at a freelance marketplace that is advancing the global gig economy by providing instant, one-to-one interactions between freelance developers and businesses through video conferencing.

While outsourcing can help companies complete projects in a timely and cost-effective manner, hiring and then managing virtual or “distributed” freelance teams from around the world can be difficult. Coordinating time zones, overcoming language barriers and keeping projects moving are just a few of the challenges facing already busy business owners.

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Global Gig Series: How Microworkers Became a Key Player in the Gig Economy

By Miko Manglapus | June 7, 2016


Transpay Blog

The gig economy is on the rise, here to stay and gaining ground globally. No matter the job or project, there is a platform and freelancer ready and able to complete it. In our Global Gig Series, we’ll look at some of the unique platforms that are helping to grow the global gig economy.

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