Global Gig Series: How Microworkers Became a Key Player in the Gig Economy

By Miko Manglapus | June 7, 2016


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The gig economy is on the rise, here to stay and gaining ground globally. No matter the job or project, there is a platform and freelancer ready and able to complete it. In our Global Gig Series, we’ll look at some of the unique platforms that are helping to grow the global gig economy.

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"Access Over Ownership" And What It Means For The Future Of Business

By Transpay | September 24, 2015

Homes, cars, workspaces. When it comes to assets, a growing number of people are increasingly satisfied with having access to these assets, rather than owning them. This "access" mindset has not only reduced the demand for permanent lifestyle assets—especially by the Millennial generation—but employment interests are shifting as well. Consider the booming freelancer industry.

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Boon Or Bane? Gig Economy Workers At Center Of Political Debate

By Transpay | July 29, 2015

By: Laura Tiebert

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