Transpay Preaches Iteration and Agile Design to Keep Pace with Customer Demands

By Bankless Times | December 17, 2015


Tony Zerucha

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – In today’s business climate a company has to be prepared to constantly iterate.

If you wait for a darn-out waterfall release of a product, the opportunity may be lost. While you are tinkering in the lab, your competition is out in the community grabbing your clients and adjusting on the fly.

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eWallet’s Shortcomings For Mass Cross-Border Payments

By Miko Manglapus | November 10, 2015



Around the world consumer adoption for eWallets has risen steadily. In the U.S. and other established countries, eWallets have become ubiquitous with online shopping sites – PayPal and eBay, Alibaba and Alipay, the list goes on. Additionally eWallets such as Apple Pay are finding their ways onto mobile devices around the world.

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