Transfast, which offers Transpay as a cross-border payments service for businesses, was acquired by Mastercard nearly a year ago. Today, we’re pleased to share an updated brand identity for the Transpay service that leverages the strengths of both organizations.

Transpay's new brand more closely aligns with that of Mastercard’s and includes a new logo, color scheme and website design. More than simply a change in Transpay’s look, the visual identity now more clearly highlights the tie with Mastercard as the company that backs the Transpay service, and the mutual commitment to support the growing cross-border payment needs of businesses worldwide.

The goal for Transpay remains the same, which is to provide business’ growing cross-border requirements with predictable and faster payments that keep pace with today’s business environment. This includes businesses across a wide variety of industries, such as those in the freelancer marketplaces, e-commerce marketplaces, sharing economy platforms, ad and affiliate networks, money transfer businesses and other growing businesses.

In the coming weeks and months, this rebranding effort will expand to other communications, as the efforts toward integration and alignment continue.  We look forward to sharing more about the advantages of Transpay's cross-border payments for businesses.

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