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If you manage your company’s affiliate program or work for an affiliate or advertising network, you strive to ensure that your core offerings are the best they can be. You might be working with a large number of advertisers across various product categories; offering high commissions compared with competing networks; providing your publishers or affiliates with advanced analytics; and ensuring your network or affiliate program is known for your transparency and quality customer support. 

But there’s another part of your core function that’s essential when you have international publishers or affiliates, and one that’s sometimes overlooked: A fast and reliable method for direct deposit of payments to the bank accounts of those international recipients in their local currency.

All too frequently, there are few payments options offered to international publishers and affiliates. One of the commonly offered options is checks, which require postal delivery, plus a waiting period while the check clears at the bank. Bank wires are also frequently offered, but they have the drawback of being expensive – sometimes the cost can be $35 per wire or more – and can take several days to arrive.

One important consideration in keeping your international publishers and affiliates happy is to give them the freedom to choose their desired method of getting paid. Hassle-free Local Bank Transfers save time, money and effort, boosting affiliates’ and publishers’ productivity and profitability while building loyalty to your network or affiliate program, an especially important asset in an environment of tough global competition. Local Bank Transfers provide a positive experience for your international publishers or affiliates by enabling them to receive their international incomes by direct deposit to their bank account in their local currency. With Local Bank Transfers, there are no hidden fees, volatile FX rates, high transfer fees, or correspondent bank charges.

Because Transpay manages its own Treasury operation and has direct integrations with leading banks and payout partners worldwide, your network can bypass the middlemen and enjoy guaranteed FX rates and provide your international publishers and affiliates with simple pricing and no hidden fees. When you integrate with Transpay’s platform, your international publishers and affiliates will be able to select Local Bank Transfers to receive their payments reliably, on time and in their local currency. And your ad network or affiliate program will be able to send those mass cross-border payouts with ease, efficiency and transparency, directly into 95 percent of bank accounts worldwide.



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