Global payouts are a priority for affiliate and advertising networks seeking to enable market expansion. Simply put: It’s impossible to engage affiliates in new countries without an efficacious way to pay them. And when you get to work determining the optimal payout method for your recipients, there is one method you can’t live without, thanks to its widespread appeal.

Traveling via a proprietary network, Transpay’s Local Bank Transfers send funds from a company’s bank account directly into a recipient’s bank account, in the local currency of the recipient. Local Bank Transfers make a tremendous difference in the quality of the recipient experience.

For many, Local Bank Transfers are the most simple, cost-effective and expeditious way to get paid. As the digitization of every aspect of life continues unabated, people have come to expect the fast delivery of everything from restaurant meals to everyday essentials like soap or groceries. Quick and direct payments are no exception. As a direct transfer, Local Bank Transfers involve no intermediaries. As such, fees tend to be lower than for other services, while transfer speeds are higher.

Few payout providers can provide direct access to the emerging markets that you need to reach to be a leading player globally. Local Bank Transfers are particularly helpful when you’re expanding into challenging regulatory markets, as they often provide the most direct route for paying your recipients. Local Bank Transfers make it easy to pay in the publisher or affiliate’s desired currency and method while also complying with local regulations. Transpay’s in-house compliance team is expert in challenging regulatory markets and will help you avoid penalties and damage to your company’s reputation.

Local Bank Transfers make it easy for affiliate and advertising networks to pay confidently, securely and cost effectively. For more on various payment forms and their advantages and drawbacks, check out our chart comparing cross-border payments methods.

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