Paying out your recipients can be a hassle and often leads to unnecessary frustrations. From compliance issues, and hidden costs, to global regulations and timing issues – the possibilities for complications are endless. Not only that, but those complications can result in lost time and potential loss of goodwill between you and your recipients.

But, believe it or not, there is a single fix for simpler payouts —the right Local Bank Transfer solution.

What is a Local Bank Transfer, you might ask? It is a payment structure that makes sending funds from a company’s bank account directly into a recipient’s bank account possible. You’re able to send a Local Bank Transfer in the local currency of the recipient, without using the traditional bank networks, which makes it extremely convenient for your recipient and helps reduce hidden costs.

Local Bank Transfers are built on the idea that there’s got to be a better way of getting money into a bank account than what has been traditionally offered by the banking system. So, enterprising payment providers went ahead themselves and paved a new way for businesses to send money. But don’t be fooled! Not all Local Bank Transfers are created equal. It is important to first assess the Local Bank Transfer solution to confirm that all of the available advantages are offered. Payouts providers that offer Local Bank Transfer solutions can be the answer to many of your payouts problems and the aspirin for your payouts headache. See our infographic below to assess all of the perks that a Local Bank Transfer solution should offer.



Payout Problems Solved (4)



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