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At first glance, cost-effective and efficient payout options including Local Bank Transfers might not seem to be an obvious driver of brand loyalty for affiliate and advertising networks. But savvy affiliate and advertising networks should consider the power of white-labeled Local Bank Transfers. Not only are Local Bank Transfers an efficient way of enabling commission payments, but when branded with your network’s identity, are a highly effective way to build loyalty to your brand.

It all boils down to this: When an affiliate or publisher gets paid via a dependable and cost-effective option labeled with your brand, you create positive associations with your network. Those positive associations will help you attract and retain the best publishers and affiliates, leading to enhanced network quality and continued growth.

Through Transpay’s Local Bank Transfers, networks can allocate commissions to affiliates and publishers in more than 100 countries, while Transpay tracks and manages the potentially daunting task of payments. Funds are delivered directly to local bank accounts in the local currency, faster and cost effectively, reducing operational friction and removing one barrier to scaling your network globally.

Many publisher and affiliates networks that are experiencing rapid growth find that providing an array of efficient and cost-effective payments options for their hard-working affiliates to be a vital part of their success. For affiliates and publishers who prefer to receive their commission payments directly to their local bank account and in their local currency, Transpay’s Local Bank Transfers provide an ideal solution, with a simple, cost-effective alternative to international bank wires and e-wallets.

“International bank wires are riddled with inefficiencies, manual processes and high costs that bog down the speed and success of payments for affiliate and publisher networks,” says Samish Kumar, CEO of Transpay. “Because we own and operate a proprietary network, Transpay is able to manage every step of the payout delivery process from currency conversion to customer service.”

Because global banks frequently charge high fees for currency conversion from U.S. dollars to the local currency, many publishers and affiliates consider it important to be paid in their local currency, Kumar notes.

Transpay’s global payout network reaches over 95% of bank accounts worldwide and includes over 60 currencies, including nine funding currencies. Our API and web-based applications deliver compliance, risk management, currency conversion, liquidity management and multi-format messaging solutions to our clients.

 “We are excited to be working with affiliate and publisher networks to provide a streamlined payout solution for their global recipients,” Kumar says.


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