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One of the daily challenges of being involved in your company’s cross-border payouts is staying on top of ever-changing payouts options, and then assessing the potential benefits for both your business and your recipients. By asking the simple question, “Is my company offering an array of options that benefit both our company and our recipients?” you can gain helpful insight about the way forward. And when you know what your recipients expect in terms of getting paid, then you understand them far more effectively as well.

When it comes to taking that first step in understanding what Local Bank Transfers can offer your cross-border payout recipients, we’re here to help. Our new quiz about using Local Bank Transfers tests your knowledge about the payout option that makes delivering funds to international recipients much easier by offering a way to deposit funds directly into a bank account in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Rating your knowledge of Local Bank Transfers can put you in a much better situation to achieve your aims. You can make better decisions and increase recipient satisfaction, too. This free, short quiz poses questions meant to identify areas where you can gain expertise and takes about five minutes to complete. Are you a beginner, above average or advanced when it comes to using Local Bank Transfers for cross-border payouts? Take the quiz to find out!



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