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Want to solve for M-Pesa, send funds to Bangladesh or reach recipients in Pakistan? Transpay’s network can increase your reach and enable your business to pay recipients in more than 140 countries worldwide with ease.

Businesses today are looking to reach every corner of the world with the most cost-effective and efficient payments possible. At the same time, the payments ecosystem and the way people expect to receive payments is undergoing rapid change. In every region, timely new services are enabling people to transfer money internationally and instantly, often through a banking app on their mobile phones. With the continuing rise in digital transactions, people in every country, from the largest to the smallest nations, are beginning to expect timely payments direct to their bank accounts.

Transpay’s proprietary network is the solution for Local Bank Transfers to over 140 countries worldwide. Our Local Bank Transfers are sent via direct integrations with hundreds of leading local payment partners. Those direct partnerships are why we’re able to offer clear, upfront pricing based on a per-transaction fee and an FX markup to the interbank rate. There’s no hidden or additional fees for you or your recipients – and you have control over the final pricing offered to your recipients. It’s all part of our goal to improve operational efficiencies for the clients we serve while supporting wider economic growth. Ultimately, our Local Bank Transfer product is intended to support your business and recipients, enabling your business to thrive.

Having built payments rails for direct-to-bank transfers, Transpay knows that borders should not limit people’s communication, relationships, work life or aspirations. Local Bank Transfers, with their extensive reach, allow you to extend the scope of your business with connectivity to new markets that may have formerly been difficult to reach.

Planning to expand your business’ scope to new markets? Contact us and learn more about how we can help you succeed.

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