Today we launch a new installment of The Ultimate Guide to Local Bank Transfers series. Check out “Removing Friction from the Payments Flow: Deploying Local Bank Transfers as a Competitive Advantage” and take your payments expertise to the next level. 

In this guide, we’ll take a look at how Local Bank Transfers can be an ally in your quest to remove friction from your payouts experience and stay on top in an increasingly crowded field of competitorsThese days, your recipients aren’t just in one country – they're in dozens of countries. How can you pay them in a way that is not only efficient and effective, but that gives you a competitive edge? You’ll learn the answer to that question, plus what you should expect your payouts provider to know when it comes to vitally important behind-the-scenes functions including compliance, risk, foreign exchange, and transparency and pricing.  

Welcome back to class! Get ready to step up and take your payouts expertise to the next level by removing the friction from your payouts flow. We’ll show you how to gain a competitive edge using Local Bank Transfers! 



  • Balancing Your Payments and Payouts Options 
  • Transforming Your Payouts into a Competitive Advantage 
  • Building a Competitive Payouts Offering Around Local Bank Transfers 
  • Identifying and Solving Common Payments Problems 
  • Prioritizing the Recipient Experience 


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