Being a freelancer and working from home is great. You basically get to choose who you work with and set your own hours, but there’s one problem the self-employed face and that’s the uncertainty of a regular paycheck.



Add to this the challenges of payment withdrawal and it’s easy to see why money is a sticking point for freelancers or those who want to start working for themselves.

At Transpay, we’re actively working on easing those challenges by offering a simple and easy-to-use platform.

1. Multiple Steps

Often, there are way too many steps in the withdrawal process which can be confusing and overwhelming for freelancers.

Not only do freelancers have to manage their clients and their workload, but they also have to manage their accounts, whether that’s via an online account or a virtual wallet.

Getting paid is part of the job, and having difficulties receiving money on time or having to go through a lengthy withdrawal process at the end of each month is enough to put any freelancer off. Transpay simplifies the process by providing payments directly into a bank account. This cuts the cost of a virtual wallet and skips the middle steps that suck extra cash and time away from freelancers.

2. Complexity/Ease of Use

This follows on from eliminating unnecessary steps in the payment withdrawal process. Aside from the multiple touch points involved in getting cash from a virtual wallet into a bank account, the complexity of many payment withdrawal services leaves freelancers utterly confused.

Transpay’s portal is incredibly easy-to-use and has just a couple of things freelancers need to keep an eye on – that’s one less thing to worry about at least.

3. Local Network

Delays and problems in freelancer payments often happen when money is being transferred overseas or across borders. This is why it helps to use a payment withdrawal service that has direct banking network partners in the same country as the freelancer.

If this is not the case, the withdrawal platform will more than likely use a third party service which, in most instances, takes a cut of the money and adds extra delays to the payment process.

Adding in an extra step with a third party service also makes it more difficult to track where the money is and where it’s going next. For freelancers this is a huge issue. Knowing exactly where their money is at all times is important for keeping accounts up-to-date and adhering to local taxes and other laws.

4. Unparalleled Support

There’s nothing worse than worrying about money and then not being able to reach anyone at the withdrawal platform you’re using. Having a reliable and easily-reachable support team can make the world of difference for freelancers who rely on withdrawing money from overseas or marketplace portals. Most withdrawal companies offer a timeslot when they can be reached, but at Transpay there is 24/7 support via chat, email, and phone call.

Transpay is making freelancing even greater. Ask any person who works for themselves what their biggest struggle is and nine times out of ten they’ll say money. We are taking the frustration out of withdrawing payments by providing a smooth and easy-to-use platform that cuts out third party costs and means freelancers can get their hands on their well-earned cash quicker than ever.

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