Transpay wins Best E-Commerce Payment Solution

Transpay, a B2B/B2P cross-border payments platform, was awarded the “Best E-Commerce Payment Solution” by the Kalahari Awards, in a ceremony held in Lagos, Nigeria today.

Since 2012, Transpay’s platform has enabled e-commerce marketplaces and businesses to send mass, rapid payouts through the world’s largest, independent local bank transfer network. Transpay is licensed in 100+ jurisdictions globally, with countries such as NigeriaGhana and Kenya and emerging markets throughout Southeast Asia and Latin America receiving a large percentage of payout volume.

“We’re thrilled to receive this recognition for our technology platform and service to the banks and recipients in the region,” said Nagarajan Rao, Senior Vice President of Transpay. “As our clients continue to expand into Africa, Transpay’s payout solutions are ready to enable business to be conducted by delivering rapid payouts, directly into recipients’ bank accounts or to a preferred cash transfer location.”

“Transpay will continue to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that help to reduce the inefficiencies and disintermediation that plague the payment industry.”

Transpay’s clients include industry leading freelance and crowdsourcing platforms, as well as e-commerce and travel marketplaces. Transpay’s platform uses robust end-to-end technology, including a Mass Pay REST API to provide a single-point connection for real-time payouts and minimal data entry requirements. The REST API helps companies simplify the payments process with an embedded user experience.

Presented by the Remittance & Mobile Money Expo, the Kalahari Awards are given to the financial institutions, mobile money providers, card services, application providers and regulators that have made significant contribution to efforts to make digital payments and remittances more affordable, available and impacting developments in Africa.

“Transpay will continue to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that help to reduce the inefficiencies and disintermediation that plague the payment industry,” said Rao.


Mass Payout REST API

Request a copy of our Mass Pay API Developer Guide to see the core functionality powering our cross-border payout platform.


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