We’re pleased to announce the launch of our revamped and enhanced website, offering a new experience for businesses sending payouts worldwide. We have redesigned the site with you in mind, streamlining navigation and providing more resources and information on our network and products.

We encourage everyone to explore the site and check out our new video detailing the advantages of our Local Bank Transfers. Discover expanded information on the capabilities of our network and how it was built, and the two products – API and Web -- that offer access to our network. Learn how other businesses have partnered with Transpay to create successful outcomes in our client case studies, including our latest study sharing how a Marketplace for Services experienced rapid adoption and reduced payouts complaints when they offered Transpay’s Local Bank Transfers.

We continue to use the site to highlight Transpay’s thought leadership. On our Resources page, you can discover a full range of educational material, including the latest in the Ultimate Guide series, Building a Payouts Channel for the 2020s and Beyond: Getting on Board with Local Bank Transfers. You can learn more about what makes a standout compliance program via the popular Compliance White Paper, which takes a closer look at how Transpay makes sure your business is in compliance with regulations in any country where you need to send funds, while also protecting you from fraud.

Payout recipients are invited to complete a survey in order to suggest a business or marketplace that they think should be offering Local Bank Transfers.

We will continue to expand our resources and the blog to deliver the most updated and relevant information for the payouts industry. To stay connected on social media, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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