ClickSure, one of the world’s fastest-growing open market affiliate networks, has partnered with Transpay, a cross-border payments platform that offers the largest, independent local bank transfer network, to enable commission payments for more than 400,000 affiliates worldwide.

The ClickSure network connects advertisers and affiliates through a suite of technology solutions, including invoice and payment automation. As it continues to experience rapid growth, the company feels it is important to focus on efficient and cost-effective payments for their hard working affiliates.

"With Transpay, we now have the ability to deliver these payouts directly to affiliates’ bank accounts in their local currency, faster and more cost effectively."

When asked about the new working relationship between Transpay and ClickSure, their CFO went on to say, “Our advertisers can now allocate commissions to multiple affiliates in different countries and are always thrilled to learn that our service tracks and manages the daunting task of affiliate payments for them. With Transpay, we now have the ability to deliver these payouts directly to affiliates’ bank accounts in their local currency, faster and more cost effectively.”

With more than 50% of ClickSure affiliates preferring to receive their commission payouts directly to their local bank account, Transpay’s platform provides an ideal solution, with a simple, cost-effective alternative to international bank wires and checks, with local bank transferto-bank access in emerging markets.

International bank wires are riddled with inefficiencies, manual processes and high costs that bog down the speed and success of payments for affiliate networks,” says Nagarajan Rao, SVP of Transpay. “Because we own and operate a proprietary network, Transpay is able to manage every step of the payout delivery process from currency conversion to customer service.”

Transpay’s global payout network includes over 90% of bank accounts worldwide and over 60 currencies.

“We are excited to be working with ClickSure to provide a streamlined payout solution for their global affiliate network,” says Rao.

Transpay will be attending the 2016 Affiliate Summit East in New York City from July 31st to August 2nd. Conference attendees can request a meeting here.


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