Building Relationships, One Payout at a Time

By Transpay | December 15, 2017



On the surface, sending payouts is as simple as moving money from point A to point B. Online marketplaces for travel, eCommerce, affiliate programs, direct selling, and other businesses pay global suppliers, freelancers, and business partners for the goods or services rendered or the commissions earned.

Beneath the surface however, is a complex web of relationships that can make sending regular payouts to hundreds or thousands of payees across multiple countries and currencies a huge challenge. Payers, payees, banks, intermediaries, foreign exchange brokers, regulators, and payout services all play a role in that seemingly simple effort of moving money. In order to manage the process successfully, businesses need a global payout partner with strong relationships at all levels who can help make the payout process low cost, simple, and direct.

Over the last 30 years of operation, Transpay has built trusted relationships with banks in 120 countries providing us with access to more than 95 percent of global bank accounts. Those relationships, combined with over seventy regulatory licenses worldwide, the experience from seven billion dollars in annual transaction volume, and a technology platform that simplifies payouts, make Transpay a cross-border mass payout specialist who can make your global payouts program efficient and cost effective for everyone involved. Read our white paper to learn more:

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