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Answering the Top Affiliate Payment Questions

By Miko Manglapus | July 17, 2017



“The industry is growing internationally, and I’m having a hard time keeping up.”

This was one comment I heard over and over from affiliate networks and platforms at recent Affiliate Summit events. Central to those challenges? International payments. Here we’ll try and tackle a few of those top questions and pain points.

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Country Spotlight: China’s eCommerce and Travel Revolution

By Miko Manglapus | January 31, 2017


Transpay Blog

With no limits on yuan cross-border payments and thriving e-commerce and travel industries, China continues to open up for business.

Here, we take a look at China’s e-commerce and travel revolution and the critical role of payments in the continuing growth of these markets.

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Global Gig Series: Zooppa’s One-of-a-Kind Creative Platform

By Miko Manglapus | July 6, 2016


Transpay Blog

What do IBM, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Nike have in common? They’ve all generated successful media campaigns through Zooppa’s creative network. In this third installment of our Global Gig series, we look at this crowdsourcing platform for creatives and brands.

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Global Gig Series: How Microworkers Became a Key Player in the Gig Economy

By Miko Manglapus | June 7, 2016


Transpay Blog

The gig economy is on the rise, here to stay and gaining ground globally. No matter the job or project, there is a platform and freelancer ready and able to complete it. In our Global Gig Series, we’ll look at some of the unique platforms that are helping to grow the global gig economy.

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eWallet’s Shortcomings For Mass Cross-Border Payments

By Miko Manglapus | November 10, 2015



Around the world consumer adoption for eWallets has risen steadily. In the U.S. and other established countries, eWallets have become ubiquitous with online shopping sites – PayPal and eBay, Alibaba and Alipay, the list goes on. Additionally eWallets such as Apple Pay are finding their ways onto mobile devices around the world.

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