Direct-to-Bank Payouts for your Direct Selling Company

By Transpay | April 10, 2018

The development of new technology affects the world we live in every day – including the Direct Selling Industry. Social media sites have been beefing up their game, not only for personal use but for professional use as well. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have been using this notion to gain traction on sales by making it possible for direct sellers to use these sites as a second source of income.

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Deep Dive: The Rapid Rise Of Global Faster Payment Systems

By PYMNTs | April 6, 2018



Faster payments aren’t just a choice anymore, but a growing necessity.

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E-Commerce: Growing Brick by BRICS

By Transpay | April 4, 2018

In a recent blog post, Ingenico Group took a close look at factors that drive e-commerce in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). With 720 million online shoppers in 2016, an e-commerce study released by AliResearch expects BRICS nations to hit 1,350 million by 2022. The report shows how rapidly BRICS e-commerce is growing, thanks to improved internet infrastructure and increased adoption of smart phones.

Several important country highlights include Brazil and South Africa's rapidly increasing growth rates, Russia's cross-border e-commerce driving the economy, India paving the way with mobile, and China's largest online retail market.

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Volvo Gives X-Border Car Leasing A Tune-Up

By PYMNTs | March 14, 2018



As roughly one million international students visit the U.S. for higher education opportunities each year, many parents end up getting an unexpected crash course in cross-border car shopping. A slew of recent cross-border payment developments indicates that it’s time for various groups and markets to get a refresher on the shifting market.

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Country Spotlight: Australia’s Economy Primed for Growth

By Transpay | February 28, 2018

According to London’s Centre for Economics and Business Research, Australia’s economy will become the world’s 11th biggest economy by 2026, thanks in large part to a growing population of skilled workers needed to keep up with the digital evolution of the world’s economy.  Due to this projected growth, we decided to focus this month’s country spotlight on Australia and some of our client industries.

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Transpay Expands Global Payouts to Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa

By Transpay News | February 22, 2018


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Country Spotlight: Thailand – Travels, Gigs, Direct Selling & Going Cashless

By Transpay | January 19, 2018

Our first country spotlight of 2018 takes us to Thailand, whose capital, Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the world.  With a booming travel economy, growth in the direct sales markets, and a strong gig economy, Thailand is a prime market for Transpay partners looking to expand into Southeast Asia.

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PSP ecosystem explained and global mapping of key players

By The PayPers | January 18, 2018



As the PSP segment in the payments value chain is maturing, retail prices for online payments are steadily dropping, while the level of service offered to merchants is only increasing. Consequently, players aim to gain scale and increase capabilities through strategic acquisitions. This report describes the global PSP space today and defines the capabilities offered by the different participants in the ecosystem.

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Travel Industry in 2018 – A Roundup of Predictions for the Coming Year

By Transpay | January 3, 2018

With the beginning of the New Year, we’re seeing lots of predictions for 2018 for the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industry. Below is a roundup of two of the headlines and predictions that caught our eye here at Transpay: competition for OTAs and emerging markets travel.

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Country Spotlight – Vietnam's E-commerce and Entrepreneurial Spirit Driving the Economy

By Transpay | December 19, 2017

On the heels of announcing our partnership with Teezily to provide direct-to-bank payouts in Vietnam, we’re dedicating our latest country spotlight to its recent prominence in both the gig economy and e-commerce markets.

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